Renée Taylor & Cindy Cohen

Renée Taylor best known for her role as Sylvia Fine on the hit show “The Nanny” and just recently guest appeared on the T.V. show “Two Broke Girls” and “Happily Divorced” with Fran Dresher, teamed up with personal makeup-artist Cindy Cohen to develop a firming serum for Renee that would immediately tighten her skin before performing on stage and screen.

Instead of creating the best wrinkle reducing cream, we decided to create the best anti-wrinkle serum. After many years of perfecting this serum Renee and Cindy are ready to share this secret formula with you
Renée Taylor


Renée Taylor is an American actress. Academy Award (link to Academy) nominated writer and one time director, best known for having played Fran Dresher’s mother, Sylvia Fine, on the T.V. series “The Nanny”. Born in the Bronx, N.Y. early in her career she played Eva Braun in the feature film “The Producers”.

Renée and her husband Joe Bologna co-wrote the Broadway hit comedy “Lovers and other Strangers” and received Oscar nominations for having written the 1970 film adaptation. In 1971, the couple

co-wrote and starred in the film “Made for Each Other”. Their screen play received a nomination for the Writers Guild of America (link to writer’s guild) award for Best Comedy.

From 1992 to 1994, Renee Taylor played the stereotypically over bearing Jewish mother of the lead character on the HBO series “Dream On”. In 1993, she was cast as the mother of Richard Lewis, and the ex-wife of Don Rickles in the Fox sitcom “Daddy Dearest”.

In recent years, Renée Taylor has guest starred as Ted Mosby’s neighbor, Mrs. Matson, on “How I Met Your Mother” (link to actors of the show). She also had a guest starring role on the Disney show, ”Shake It Up”, portraying a cranky, mean elderly women in a retirement home, as well as a guest starring role on the Nickelodeon show, “Vitorious” as Robbie’s cranky grandmother who needed Robbie’s help with the internet. In addition to her numerous guest-starring appearances, Taylor has worked as a voice-actor as the character Mrs. Start in the animated feature film “Ice Age”, The Meltdown, and the animated Fox series “Bob’s Burgers”.

2011, Taylor was cast in the ultimately short-lived Fox cartoon “Allen Gregory”, in which she voiced the character of Principal Gottlieb.

Recently, Taylor also guest –starred on Fran Dresher’s newest show “Happily Divorced” and the new hit show “Two Broke Girls.

Renée Taylor is truly a national treasure in the world of comedy.

Cindy Cohen Professional Makeup Artist  RENEE_BUBBLE-6

Cindy Cohen was born in New York City and grew up in Great Neck, Long Island. She went to film school for makeup in Miami, Fl in 1988 one of her first jobs in makeup was for a music video for MTV. She has worked for Tricom Pictures, Tri-Star Productions and many other production companies.

Cindy has worked in all medians of makeup, including TV, Film, Theatre, and Photography. She is a celebrity makeup artist making up people such as Marlee Matlin, Cloris Leachman, Jena Bush, Sheckie Green, Joe Bologna, Renee Taylor and Katina Taylor.

Her most recent work on TV is the Today Show Her credits for photography makeup include Maxim Magazine (link), Simply the Best Magazine (link), Salon City Magazine, (link), Aventura Magazine(link) and Clientele Magazine.

She has worked for different ad agencies doing makeup for car product ads, wig catalogs, bikini calendar’s, websites, book cover, career and corporate companies and clients. In theater- Cindy worked at the Kravis Center (link) in Palm Beach Fl, Parker Playhouse (link) in Ft Lauderdale Fl, Philharmonic(link) in Naples Fl, Philharmonic (link) in Clearwater Fl and Lynn University Theater (link) in Boca Raton Fl. In Fashion- her most recent work was for The Louis Vuitton Company (link). Cindy has worked with many top notch photographers including Michael B. Lloyd of Lloyd’s Studio Photography.

Cindy also has her own private clientele and is involved in high-end bridal makeup working in such venues as Donald Trump’s Mara Lago (link), Palm Beach Fl, Ritz Carlton Palm Beach (link) and Miami Fl, The Lowes South Beach(Link) Fl, The Boca Raton Resort & Club (link) Boca Raton Fl and many more. She has been flown all over the country (California, Texas, Oregon, Arizona, Connecticut, and New York) and to Harbor Island, Bahamas (link) and Colombia for makeup assignments. Cindy loves the art of doing makeup and bringing joy to the person wearing it and to the person viewing it.

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